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Contentment Gives You a More Meaningful Life

Contentment is acceptance with where you are in life today. Being content is not having a lack of desire. It’s important to know the difference between goals and contentment. When you chose contentment, you can be at peace with your situation while believing there are good things to come.

Happiness is an inside job! Our culture pushes us to want more. There is nothing wrong with having a desire for a bigger home, nicer vehicle, a serious relationship, a higher paying job, the latest technology, or quarantine to end. I encourage growth in all areas. I have my own vision board.  What’s wrong is if you push contentment off until you have those things. External things give you temporary happiness. Do you remember when you got a higher paying job or the person you were pursuing became your significant other? Later you returned to your same stagnant mindset. Being discontent with your circumstances can spark anger, jealousy, depression, anxiousness. If you are not choosing contentment today you are slowing your growth.

Stop Comparison! Comparing yourself to others will still your joy. Choose to be inspired by others instead. Don’t worry about how green someone’s grass is. Water your own! Learn how to make your grass green. Heck, hire professional lawn care if you want. When you focus on your own desires while remaining inspired by others your grass will grow. It can be the most perfect color of green.

Be Grateful! Gratitude expedites growth as well as self-improvement. There is something you can find to be grateful for today. You are living if you are reading this so start there. Do you have a roof over your head? Have you eaten in the last twenty-four hours? I am certain most of you can name ten things you could choose to be grateful for today. For the ones who named one. I am proud of you for naming one. You are on your way to growth. I had a previous client years ago who had been released from prison with no support. He spent most of his life in foster care.  He never knew his biological family. He made the decision he would do whatever it took not to go back to prison. He started off living in a tent while he walked to his two jobs. He remained grateful for the two different companies that gave him an opportunity of employment. He didn’t focus on what he didn’t have, he focused on what he had. He saved his money and bought his own transportation. He was able to rent a place he now owns. When I get in my own pity party sometimes, I find inspiration in people like him and many others who chose gratitude over giving up.

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