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Therapy is a journey. You should choose a therapist carefully. It is important to feel comfortable with the therapist you choose. Therapy is beneficial to those seeking personal growth or having difficulty with a stage or area in their life.

My approach is mostly based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I choose from other approaches as needed. Your thoughts influence your feelings which determines your behavior. I hope to offer you different perspectives, techniques, and tools to face difficult challenges. I also believe unresolved issues contribute to most challenges faced in life. I look forward to working with individuals to achieve measurable goals that will move you in a positive direction toward the life you desire.

Focus Areas:

Treating symptoms of anxiety and depression

Healing unresolved issues from trauma

Developing emotional management skills

Addressing isolation and aloneness

Relationship difficulties

Finding greater meaning in life

Feeling stuck

Sexuality Issues

Domestic violence

Spiritual growth

Strategies to pursue academic, career, and professional success

Sexual deviancy

Sexual behavior issues

Self esteem/Self worth issues

Sexual abuse

Grief and loss

Faced with a big life decision

Melissa McDaniel, M.Ed., LCMHC, NCC

(704) 825-0541

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